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Husband & Wife Team

Highlander Surgical Associates

Dr. Harrison was a surgical resident at Baylor Hospital in Dallas, TX when he met Nancy, a registered nurse, in the summer of 2001.  Their first date was on Possum Kingdom Lake in 2001 and they were married in Gruene, TX in 2002.  Dr. Harrison finished his residency in 2004 and after a two year stint in Corsicana, TX they decided to start their own practice and moved to Arlington, TX where they started Highlander Surgical Associates in 2006.  Nancy went from being a recovery room nurse to having to learn everything about running a busy surgical practice.


Dr. Harrison and Nancy have seen their practice grow and change since its inception in 2006.  Times and the practice of medicine has changed but their love for each other and the fulfillment they get from running their practice together has not.


Showing kindness and compassion for all those that trust them in their care is what this couple does best.  Patients are treated like family because they are.  They enjoy getting to know patients and learning about their loves and achievements in life, all the while obtaining much gratification in seeing them fully recovery after their surgery.  Needing surgery is stressful, but patients often say that they went through this stressful situation with two of the kindness people who made the entire process almost enjoyable.


Working side by side in the office is not their only passion.  Aside from your basic chores of yard work and house cleaning, both of which they still take pride in doing themselves, they have many other hobbies which they share.

Dr. Harrison and Nancy are very active.  Dr. Harrison was nationally ranked in the sport of Triathlon when he was in college.  Nancy's athleticism and kind heart is what attracted Dr. Harrison initially and they both remain very active to this day.


With a few half marathons under Nancy's belt, she is excited to participate in a full marathon and possibly doing the Pikes Peak Marathon, which goes to 14,000 feet and back down.  Dr. Harrison accomplished this in 2019 at the age of 50.  Although he has qualified for the Boston Marathon on two occasions, he still would like to complete it one day if he "remains blessed to be so active".  Outside of running, both enjoy water sports, such as water skiing and wake surfing and spend many of their weekends at Possum Kingdom Lake where they had their first date years ago.  They also enjoy snow skiing in the winter.  Staying active and healthy keeps their energy levels up for busy days caring for those that entrust them with their care.

In addition to athletics, Dr. Harrison completed his private pilots license and continues to enjoy the complexities and challenges that go with flying.  He continues to working on obtaining additional endorsements but in the meantime they both enjoy visiting family/friends and experiencing other places by air.  He also enjoys photography and many of his photos are displayed in their office.


Nancy has written a few children's books and has published her first, A Ray of Love, which tells a story of a young sun who struggles with seeing sadness and pain and vows to spread happiness and love to all those who call Earth home.  She hopes to publish her other books soon.  You can check them out at

Meet Dr. Jason Harrison

Board Certified and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons


Dr. Harrison is board certified by the American Board of Surgery and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.  He graduated from the University of New Mexico, School of Medicine in 1999, graduating Alpha Omega Alpha which is the national medical school honor society.  He completed his internship and residency at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas , Texas finishing in 2004 which he was elected The Outstanding Chief of the Year.  

“Being a surgeon is one of the most difficult professions one can choose but can also be one of the most rewarding. The ability to help another through a difficult or anxious process is very gratifying. I have always felt honored and blessed to be able to do what I do. I have an unwavering sense of responsibility and compassion to serve those who entrust me with their care.”

General Surgeon Arlington Texas, Highlan

Meet Nancy Harrison

Registered Nurse and Certified Medical Office Manager

General Surgeon Arlington Texas, Highlan

Nancy does EVERYTHING at Highlander Surgical Associates with the exception of surgery though she does assist            Dr. Harrison with office procedures.  Patients gravitate to her and depend on her as much as Dr. Harrison does.  A native of Ontario, Canada, Nancy attended nursing school in Windsor and moved to the United States in 1997 to begin her nursing career working with newborns in Oklahoma.  She moved to Texas the following year and joined the nursing staff at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas where she met Dr. Harrison.

Throughout her career Nancy has cared for a diverse group of patients.   She has worked in newborn nursery, special care nursery, a family practice clinic and a hospital recovery room where she met Dr. Harrison.  When they went into private practice, Nancy transitioned from the hospital to an office setting where she had to learn EVERYTHING including the complexities of health insurance and the “business of medicine.” 


Her knowledge and expertise in these matters is truly second to none and virtually every patient who comes to Highlander Surgical Associates is amazed and so thankful for her tireless help and devotion.  "I have never been to such a well run medical office" is a common phrase uttered by patients.  Nancy's experience with both patient care and practice administration enables the practice to function and flow smoothly while offering a highly patient-centered/family experience.

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